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  • Monday, September 18, 2006

    Free At Last!

    The upstairs floors are done, after a year of work. Granted, most of that year was spent dreading the task. But, it was all so worth it! Check this out:

    That's my room. Look at this wood grain!

    We used gallons of floor stripper, countless sander belts, a dremel tool, palm sanders, and brute force to get this done. We hauled out garbage bags full of saw dust and even burned up a belt sander. In the end, I think we've accomplished job that looks 90% as good as the professional work I've seen. Using the dremel, we even got under the radiators and into one tight corner.

    While I do think that this task was relatively easy, I'd warn anyone who's thinking of resurfacing hardwood that it's nowhere near as easy as the videos make it look. I'm extremely glad that I can finally pack away the chemical respirator I used while chemically stripping the old varnish off the floor.


    At 5:58 PM, Blogger gbradley said...

    Nice work!
    Those were original?
    It really does look good.


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