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  • Saturday, September 30, 2006

    My Bowl, My Bowl!

    We spent the past week in Ontonogon, MI. It's on Lake Superior, near the Porcupine Mountians in the Northwestern U.P. We were extremely lucky to pick this week, the fall colors peaked a day before we arrived. The word "Ontonogon" comes from a legend about an Indian woman who lost her bowl in the river. Apparently her cries of dismay were worth naming the river (and town) after.

    Of course I took tons of photos. These few are just a small example of how great the trees looked, in spite of all the rain.

    I spotted this pheasant feather lying in a ditch when we stopped to walk the dog.

    This is Lake of the Clouds. How do you suppose it got its name?

    Ok. I don't know my birds. It's a crane, right? Anyway, this was the best shot I could get. I was actually standing pretty far away, using my camera's awesome optical zoom (I use an Olympus 2.1MP. It's the 10x optical zoom that makes all the difference). The light was too low to get all the jitters out, though.

    Our cabin looked seriously retro. All that's missing in this photo is a cheap hooker.

    Me, the woman, and the dog's butt on top of Michigan's highest point (Summit Peak, in the Porcupine Mountains). The dog hates stairs, but somehow we got her up that ranger tower.

    On the return trip we made a point to stop at all the waterfalls we could find. There are tons of them! We stopped looking when we got sick of driving on bumpy dirt roads to see what amounted to someone's sump pump draining. Bond Falls is was the first and best of the bunch. It's probably one of the best falls I've seen in a while! Apart from the awesome cascade, there are actually places to walk right up to the river and wade in or stand on the rocks. Seriously, there's a boardwalk around the base with stairs going down to the water. I hope that lawyers never find this place, it's too perfect as it is.



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